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Green Hospitality

"Every individual matters,

Every individual has a role to play,

Every individual makes a difference"

- Dr. Jane Goodall



To invest in resources, to educate our staff and inform our guests on how we can make a positive change and choices which will benefit the environment.

We are committed in implementing change that will actively manage our environmental footprint and take specific action to minimize energy consumption, water consumption and reduce waste to landfill. We have and will continue to invest in operations and procedures.

We have an environmental plan with targets in place and we are compliant with all related legislation. We aim to minimize waste and water
consumption wherever possible while promoting reuse and recycle operations.

The Westport Hotel Group are proud to be recognized as a Green Hospitality hotel and we welcome you to join our green journey during your stay with us.



Energy Saving

  • Monthly Green management meeting to analyse tour waste, electricity, gas, carbon and water consumption reductions
  • Installation of LED lighting and motion sensors to reduce energy consumption
  • Cardboard packaging, newspapers, magazines, glass, cans, plastic bottles, used light bulbs and batteries are all returned to our suppliers or collected for recycling
  • 100% of the electricity supplied to The Westport Plaza & Castlecourt Hotel is generated from renewable resources by SSE Airtricity
  • Targeting 5% decrease in waste and water usage for 2022
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Energy Efficient Pumps
  • Upgraded to High Efficiency Boilers
  • Sensor operated Leisure Centre Shower
  • Sensor hand washing taps in public restrooms
  • Key card activation of electricity in bedrooms
  • Removal of 80 baths from rooms and energy efficient flow controlled showers installed
  • Creating a  Westport Hotel Group Green team, responsible for green initiatives, training, policies and resources to employees
  • 12 E CAR Electric car charging points are installed in our hotels. The points are universal, service can be used by guests who brings their own leads
  • More bike racks to encourage guest and staff to leave their cars parked
  • Building Management System
  • All food waste is collected for composting
  • Memeber of Cycle Friendly Clewbay
  • Memeber of Cycle Friendly Employer
  • We have a very popular bike to work scheme
  • Reducing our carbon footprint with a combined heat and power system, the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly way to provide a combined heat and power. Our combined heat and power unit has been designed so that it should require no further attention for the user. Our intelligent cloud-based control and monitoring systems provides 24/7 information to our ServiceCentre, who remotely manage all the maintenance requirements to keep the system running at optimum operating efficiency. The hight efficiency of a Combined Heat and Power system compared to that of conventional boilers and larger centralised generating plant means that we not only save on your energy bills but also reduce your carbon footprint. Department for Energy and Climate Change figures show that for each kWh of electricity and heat generated by Combined Heat and Power schemes (rather than larger centralised generating plant and on site boilers) carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere are reduced by 0.348850 kgCO2 and 0.183810 kg CO2 respectively. Our natural gas units produce no sulphur dioxide emissions and can lower emissions which is kinder to the environment. The calculation of carbon dioxide savings assumes a boiler efficiency of 80% and a gas factor of 0.184557kg for the gas used to generate the energy. Our carbon saving based on recent March 2022 data from the 3 CHP units is 150,000 co2 kg per year.


Reducing Waste

  • No plastic straws or cups used in the group
  • QR codes for menus and guests information
  • Offering e invoice to guests on check out
  • Email confirmation and correspondence to guests
  • Responsible marketing using ezines and text messages
  • Refill Irish toiletry products in guest rooms and public restrooms
  • Takeaway coffee cups are 100% recyclable
  • Donating and supporting charities, communities, sporting teams and events
  • Upcycling of furniture during hotel renovations
  • Using local suppliers and tradespersons  



  • The planting of flowers to encourage bees to visit on the roof top garden of the Westport Plaza Hotel 
  • Bird Bath
  • Insect Hotel


Inspiring Guests

  • Encouraging guests to reuse linen and towels during their stay
  • Free collection and drop off to train and bus station to Golden Year guests
  • Recycling bin in guest bedrooms


During your stay we encourage you to make a green choice and help us to make a difference to our environment


  • Use air-conditioning only when necessary and with windows closed
  • Remove key card when leaving your room, to turn off electric power
  • Return key cards to reception on check out so they can be reused
  • Avoid unnecessary or prolonged running of taps and showers
  • Please use the half flush option or out dual flush toilet cisterns when possible
  • Avoid running taps constantly when brushing teeth or shaving
  • Avoid leaving lights on when not required



  • If you wish to re-use your towels, please place them on the hook at the back of your bathroom door


  • Put all Recyclable materials in the bedroom bin and all other in the bathroom
  • Hand in used batteries at reception and we will ensure they are recycled